Japan is a truly a unique country Japan where historic traditions are fused side by side. With the modern life of today’s living, as if it were a normal way of life. Come with MyToursJapan enthusiastic guides, as we explore Japan’s unique features from historic and cultural tours to fun and

Get a Job with your language skills as a tour guide in Japan The best way to ensure that you’ll keep up a language is to make the language a part of your job. There are endless opportunities of how to do so, but being a foreign language tour guide

Osaka-What to see and places to stay If you had to select just one destination to understand more about Japan , Osaka and Kansai would be a fairly easy choice. It is the center of Japan-there is nowhere else in the country you will find so much of traditional and

Travelling checklist required when in Japan what you need !! When travelling get yourself a Japan Rail Pass, it will help to reduce costs and you can see a lot of the country. Apply for an international license if you’re planning to rent a vehicle. Book tickets and tours online

Must go places When Visiting Japan A Tokyo Overview An overview of Tokyo from Mytoursjapan an online tour operator offering unique one of a kind private and small group tours in Japan Tokyo is known as a city permanently reaching into the future. Leading to scifi streetscapes of crackling neon

Top Ten differences to keep in mind when visiting Tokyo Japan Tokyo Japan , ok so to begin with, let’s look at the Top Ten that may be different from what you would expect back home . 1. The belief that Japan is very expensive It actually annoys me that a