FAQs for Guides

About MyToursJapan

Who can join MyToursJapan as a guide?

Japan Tourism Law Revision will be effective from January 2018. Starting  from January 2018, anyone without a national license can also be a tour guide.

Anyone can join as a guide with MyToursJapan! Free registration!

How to become a MyToursJapan guide?

There are two choices

1. You can either work with us as a tour guide for a pre designed tour, that we have listed on our website, and be payed a set fee per hour

2. And for experienced Tour-guides who would like to make their own guided tour experience then we can help you there as well.

Next  please complete the registration form with the required information, once received MyToursJapan will evaluate your application and then if successful, we may ask for a short self introduction video to help with promotion of your tours.  All of our applicants will undergo a screening process by MyToursJapan. Having a visa permitting stays up to 6 months or longer is preferable. 

What should I prepare for the self-introduction video?

Please prepare a 2-3 minute self-introduction video to tell us who you are, why you want to be a guide and what types of tours you plan to offer. Give us an example of your tour itinerary! It can be a half day tour, day tour or a cultural experience. It’s all up to you! show us your ideas and passion, as well as the benefits and experiences you can provide to tourists in Japan.

How do I create a Guided tour?

A Guided Tour is a pre-determined tour that you have created and can be offered to a customer. If you know a two-hour walking tour of a historic neighborhood, that’s a guided tour! If you have a set tour route in a museum where you show the most famous works, that’s a guided tour too! Your guided tours should be similar for every person/group that books them, and the description of the guided tour will let them know what to expect.

Once you have planned your tour send the information to MyToursJapan and we will format it, place the tour on the website and start promoting to customers around the world.

How long does it take to set up and start to sell?

Once your application is accepted,  you can start to create a profile with your availability schedule and hourly rate. Customers will be able to book your tour which will be displayed on our website from then on. Easy! 

What is MyToursJapan?

MyToursJapan is a company dedicated to offering awesome tours of Japan and activities to travelers from all over the world. With the new opportunities provided, we have pre planned tours and can also market and promote your tours to millions of visitors to Japan. With your enthusiasm and our experience in providing tour guide services, we aim to deliver the best services to all our customers from over 100 countries.

About Payment

Do I need to pay any fee to join as a guide?

Absolutely Not! There is no initial fee or monthly payment for you to join as a guide. MyToursJapan only charges a handling fee once the booking is paid and confirmed by customer and guide.

Can I set an hourly rate on my profile? what does that mean?

No all tour prices are per person and children prices are half price of Adult prices

For all tours we display adult and children prices separately, also you can limit the amount of visitors on the tour, the times and dates that you can provide the tour.

What’s included in the price I set for my own tours ?

Again, that’s up to you. our affiliate partners and MyToursJapan charge a commission which is negotiated on a case by case basis which will be deducted from the price you set. MyToursJapan does not reimburse expenses such as having to buy entry tickets for yourself or your clients. This is something you’ll have to calculate into your price as well when setting it, or to let the client know that they’ll need to pay extra for tickets separately.

How do I get paid from overseas customers?

Depending on where the customer booked your tour, either directly through our website or through a booking company, a percentage will be deducted by the booking company and Mytoursjapan,  the rest will be paid to your account at the end of the following month of the tour.

Payments will be summed up and then transferred through to your assigned account or Paypal account.

What if customer no-shows or last-minute cancels the tour?

MyToursJapan has Cancellation Policy for these situations. There will be a cancellation charge based on the situation. To prevent no-shows or any misunderstandings.

About How To Use

How do I create tours for customers?

Once you have signed up and your account has been approved , simply check your information has been entered correctly.  Here you will be able to supply pertinent information that customers should know, such as your guiding specialties, languages you can guide in, an itinerary,  short bio about you, and some photos and a video will be extremely  useful . Remember we don’t allow personal information in your tour description, including: your full name, links to external websites, email addresses, or phone numbers.

Does MyToursJapan provide training ?

Yes, we currently provide training to help develop your guide skills, once you feel comfortable and certain guiding is for you, then we help you to provide quality tour offerings, so you can start earning money. We have high level of standards that must be maintained to ensure a quality and memorable experience for customers and our guides.

What kind of tours can I provide to my customers?

You can create tours from classic sightseeing tour, cultural experience to exclusive tour created by you for example “foodie experience with Tokyo insider” or “Nightlife in Tokyo”. All tours will go through approval process by MyToursJapan before publishing. 

Can I use other languages when tour guiding?

Yes! We encourage our guides to give tours in various languages if they can, not only English, but Chinese, Korean, French, German,  Spanish, etc , using your native language can help you receive more bookings and increase your ability and skills as a tour guide.

 Is it difficult to use the system?

Our system is user friendly. You don’t need any special technique to start. Also, our support team is always here for you.


Once you are accepted as a MyToursJapan tour guide, your obligations are:

To personally deliver the tours you’ve agreed to do in a friendly, professional manner.

To respond quickly (within 24 hours) and professionally to customer inquiries and booking requests.

To keep your availability and account up to date.

Confirmation that the applicant readily adheres to MyToursJapan business principles

Note: MyToursJapan is not simply a listing service, and applying to be a Tour Guide does not guarantee acceptance. If we have too many similar tours in an area, you may be put onto a waiting list. We may decline your application based on our view of your suitability to be a successful tour guide, the results of our background check, or for any other reason. Acceptance of you as a Tour Guide is at our sole discretion.

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