How it Works


Firstly Sign up as a Tour guide!

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Who can register?

From Jan. 4, 2018, anyone can be tour guides in Japan! MyToursJapan applicants will firstly need to undergo an internal screening process. Foreigners who have a visa permitting stays up to 6 months is preferable. 

What information is needed to register?

Name, contact information and your background. You can check all details here


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create your own tours

User Friendly Interface

To join as a tour guide just type in all necessary information in the SIGN UP Form as required and add your information.

If you would like to make your own tours just add the extra information in bottom of the form related to your own specific tour, then we will get back to you if successful, and help to curate and make your tour sound great. Easy!

Unique Tours made by you!

We believe that people with passion for their place of residence and local residents have a different life experience in Japan compared to tourists.

When you make your own tours, you can share your secret spots or unique experience with travellers from all over the world.

Start creating your unique tours today and we will market them for you!


Start to Sell your tours 

Receive requests from customers

Once you have made your Tour we will publish them online,  and you will start to receive request from customers.

Message with customers

You can message with customers though MyToursJapan  and directly discuss any customized details or itinerary change with your customers all before the tour starts.


Receive bookings and start your new career!

Where to meet?

Arrange with your customer the best meeting location , either Hotel , or accommodation or perhaps train station for both of you.