Must go places When Visiting Japan – Tokyo in Review

Must go places When Visiting Japan

A Tokyo Overview

An overview of Tokyo from Mytoursjapan an online tour operator offering unique one of a kind private and small group tours in Japan

Tokyo ramen shops tokyo station
Tokyo ramen shops tokyo station

Tokyo is known as a city permanently reaching into the future. Leading to scifi streetscapes of crackling neon lights and a city continuously reinventing itself.

Most recently the city is becoming more popular for its food and pop-culture paradise (as well as a must-visit for anybody considering either ).

You can also find remnants of the shogun’s capital, take in a show on the kabuki stage or simply relax underneath the cherry “blossoms in Ueno Park.

You will find outstanding museums and galleries here, together with everything else you could ask of Japan -grand temples, atmospheric shrines, intriguing contemporary architectural mastery, exquisite gardens and also, yes, even hot springs.

Tokyo,can also be a place where sightseeing and tours can take provide a new and unique understanding of the city, with mario super carts through the streets, or a pop culture tour though Harajuku.

To get to understand the city it is best to appreciate it as the local people do, by splurging on sushi in Ginza, searching for fresh new fashion  in Harajuku, or simply wandering around the streets of one of the city’s more historic areas, such as Yanesen or Kagurazaka.

And don’t forget about the diverse and sometimes outrageous nightlife -more proof of this cities undeniable unique character.

When to Go

Strolling in Asakusa with Kimono
Strolling in Asakusa with Kimono

Mar & Apr Cherry-blossom viewing is in full swing -bring a bento along with a blanket for a  picnic under the cherry blossoms.

May-Sep Hot and humid, nevertheless exciting summertime festivals more than make up for the humidity and heat .

Oct-Dec Crisp, cool and sunny days. Falling gingko leaves turn Tokyo’s streets to gold in December.

Best Places to Eat




Best Places to Sleep

A Sawanoya Ryokan



Tokyo Highlights

1 Shinjuku Raising a glass in this particular colourful nightlife area.

Harajuku Tokyo Information center
Harajuku Tokyo Information center

2 Harajuku Participating in the city’s unconventional fashion communities as they shop.

3 Senso-ji Experiencing the atmosphere at Asakusa’s centuries-old temple.”

4 Yanesen Losing yourself in the vestiges of the old city.

5 Ryogoku Kokugikan Capturing the salt-throwing ritual of sumo.

6 Shibuya Becoming embroiled in the throngs of people and neon lights of this humming area.


Tokyo National Museum
Tokyo National Museum

7 Tokyo National Museum Discovering the world’s most significant collection of Japanese art.

8 Tsukiji Outer Market Eating and purchasing foodstuffs.

9 Akihabara Exploring inside the local areas and tastes  of the pop culture way of life .

10 Omotesando a true fashion brand shoppers paradise tours and numerous little cafes and tea houses




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