Japan Welcome to our custom and guided tours with locals

Japan is a truly a unique country

Japan where historic traditions are fused side by side. With the modern life of today’s living, as if it were a normal way of life.

Come with MyToursJapan enthusiastic guides, as we explore Japan’s unique features from historic and cultural tours to fun and totally bizarre personalized tours. Discover what the real Japan is all about. Our personalized tours will be something that will be of special interest with family and friends.

Traditional Culture

Japan which at first glance, seems exceptionally modern. But exploring around gives you various opportunities to get in touch with the nation’s traditional culture. Spend overnight in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), sleeping on futons and tatami mats, walking though wooden halls of the ryokan to””diving and surfing.

Superb Food

No matter where you are in Japan, it seems like; you’re never more than a few hundred meters from a wonderful meal. Restaurants frequently specialize in just a single dish. Perhaps having spent many years refining it, and paying attention to every step, from finding the freshest, local ingredients, to arranging the dish beautifully. Additionally, you don’t need to journey too far to discover that Japanese cuisine is deeply different from region to region.

The satisfying hotpots of the mountains are one example which is distinct from the sushi of the the coast areas. Foods are also extremely seasonal, which means you can travel again at different times of the year and encounter brand-new flavors.

Vibrant Cities

The neon-lit streetscapes, of Japan’s urban centers appear to be sci-fi film sets, even though many turn out to be decades old. Meanwhile, places such as Tokyo and Osaka are actually including new design wonders that redefine what buildings and cities should look like. There’s a marked excitement to these metropolitan centers, using their lively street life, 24-hour drinking and dining scenes, and creative centers that create fashion and pop culture trends enjoyed throughout the world.


Is invariably smooth and efficient. Whether you’re making use of subway to get around or perhaps the shinkansen (bullet trains) to move from one city to the next.”


November 27, 2017
Thankyou for the information sure will try to make it to japan, by the way do they take US Dollars at the shops?
November 30, 2017
Hello Tom , generally No you would be best to get your money exchanged at the Airport, usually the rates are good there as well.. thankyou

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